29 million images. 100 years of motorsport.

Every grand prix.
Every driver.

There are few things in this world that are truly unique but the Motorsport Images collection can certainly make that claim. It is the only unbroken visual history of Formula One from the first race in 1950 to the most recent.

The library houses over 29 million racing and automotive images, some dating back to the end of the 19th century. The library is constantly updated with fresh content from the leading motorsport series by a dedicated team of photographers, photo editors, digitisers and archivists with incredible knowledge of the images and of the sport’s history.

From journalists to teams.
An indispensable resource.

Within Motorsport Images is a vast library of bound volumes of F1 Racing, Motorsport News, Autosport and Autocar. This is a valuable resource for anyone researching a subject, and is used by authors and journalists, and can help any owner, collector or enthusiast to enhance the ownership history and value of their car.

We are also a go-to destination for documentary and film makers looking for unique images.

In a world like Formula 1 which is so visual, images are so important - we are simply lucky to work with LAT.

Fernando Alonso, McLaren

The dawn of the motorcar.
To the present day.

The road car section of the archive contains over 7 million images documenting the history of motoring and covers every conceivable car model and make from Arbath to Zust in colour transparencies and black and white prints. The Autocar Published Pictures section contains the original prints from the first Autocar issue in 1895, through to the present day. There is also a set of bound volumes of the magazine for reference. 'The Motor' photographic archive contains road car and sporting images with black & white negatives, glass plate and acetate from 1924 – subjects include road cars, sprints, hill climbs, and motor shows.

Handled with care.

At least one photographer from Motorsport Images has been at every single F1 Grand Prix since the sport was founded in 1950; the only agency to have covered the entire history of the sport. In addition, our archives feature the first Grand Prix in 1906 and silver plate images of the first automobiles dating back to 1895. We have extensive archives of Le Mans, INDYCAR, Formula E, World Rally and many other series.

An Enduring Legacy

Please enjoy our documentary on the story of Motorsport Images. Featuring key photographers Rainer Schlegelmilch, Ercole Colombo, Michael and Steven Tee, Keith and Mark Sutton and legendary technical artist Giorgio Piola.

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